Data Catalog

When you view the details of a JSON, DSV, or Data Lake view schema, the title defined for the schema is now visible in the left-hand panel.


The generation of the Message ID header is changed.

All newly generated Message ID headers are a unique 32-hexadecimal-digit string. When the Message ID header is provided by the source application, the source part is preserved in front of the unique part. You can use the message ID to identify duplicates created by ION.

For details see the Infor ION Development Guide.


When you restore archived data on the OneView Restore screen, the of Select All option to restore all documents is removed. The number of documents that you can select to restore is now limited to 10.


An information banner is added to the Status Overview page to inform users about changes in the upcoming 2022.08 release.

The changes affect the use of custom “from" email addresses, which are used to send information about ION activities and in-email template files. Starting with the ION 2022.08 release, only verified “from” email addresses can be used.