Data Fabric

Bulk Ingestion API

Bulk Ingestion API has been renamed to Batch Ingestion API. The channel property in Data Lake is reindexed to show Batch as the value for ingesting through Batch API.

Metagraphs: Moving delete button

The list of actions that can be taken on a single metagraph has been rearranged so that the delete action is last in the list.

Metagraphs: Improved import results

How results are handled for import errors has been changed to be more consistent with the rest of Data Fabric. When a file is imported and one or more of the metagraphs within the file fail to import, a notification banner containing a message is displayed the top of the overview page. The message includes a View details link, which opens the side panel to display the result of the import.

Metagraphs: Name and description validation

A metagraph name cannot contain any leading or trailing whitespace. It also cannot contain multiple blank spaces in a row anywhere within the name. This enhancement automatically removes any additional whitespace that is detected when a metagraph name is defined.

Additionally, when providing a metagraph name and description, you are alerted when you have reached the maximum character limit. After the limit is reached, you cannot type any additional characters in the field.

For details on metagraph names and descriptions, see the Data Fabric User Guide.

Metagraphs: Node details

When you select a node, a side panel containing more information about the node is displayed. You can now delete a node from the graph and set a node as the primary node within this side panel. You can sort the list of properties by the Indicators and Publish columns.

The node context menu is updated. When you right-click a node, you can now open the object's schema in Data Catalog.