IFS/STS federated security

A new Accept Encrypted Assertions check box is available on the Federated Security page.

IFS/STS content security policy

A new Custom CSP Headers (Content Security Policy) accordion item and text box are available in General Settings. This text box domain will be sent to STS, which will consume the input.

DUO authentication

The DUO clear configuration pop-up message is no longer displayed when the DUO check box is not selected. This appeared on the General Settings > MFA Accordion item.

IFS security

The Process.SecurityUserMaster BOD can now process with an optional first or last name.

Currently, this information is being filled in from the email address. The BOD is reading the email address as to how the Infor email address is structured: FirstName.LastName@email.com. When the (SUMBlankFirstNameLastNameDerivation) flag is turned off and name fields are left blank, the information will no longer be auto-filled via the email.