All exports

All exports now include the tenant name in the file name. For example:

Tenant Name: INFOR_TST


Service Accounts tab

A Service Accounts tab has been added to the User drill-down. You can search for service accounts and their information by using the search icon in the upper right corner of the view.

Grid columns are:

  • Access Key
  • Description
  • OAuth2 Scopes

Message on displaying Cloud Identity

The message displayed in User Management > Security Admin > Infor Ming.le Identities when you try to disable a Cloud Identity without an identity provider in place is reworded:

Please go the Federated Security Screen to set up a Federated Identity. Once a new Identity Provider is created you can disable Infor Ming.le Identities.

Core security

The ™ trademark symbol has been changed to ® registered trademark next to these Infor icons:

  • Cloud Identities/Home Realm Discovery
  • Sign-in
  • Sign Out
  • MFA Challenge
  • Soft Lock-Incorrect Password
  • Concurrent Sessions - Error

MFA devices

A user can now have up to ten multi-factor authentication (MFA) devices.