Connect - Wait activity

A Wait activity in data flows is now available. Wait enables you to add an additional delay to the selected path in the data flow.

Wait works with all document types. The duration can be set from a 1 to 60 second range.

Connect - AnySQL Modeler

AnySQL Modeler is extended with a Time Offset option for incremental load processing. You can define the time offset in which the latest data from source database is not loaded.


This functionality is now available for all license tiers:

  • Stream connector
  • Script step in Workflow
  • ION API - JQ Transform task

Process - purging archived data

You can now purge these ION Process archived data in the MT Cloud:

  • Archived monitors including alerts and logging triggers.
  • Archived activation policies including workflows, tasks, notifications, and logging triggers.
  • Archived workflow definitions including tasks and notifications.

ION Desk user interface

The ION Desk user interface is updated with new icons, colors, and refreshed changes to these pages:

  • The ION Desk overview page
  • The ION Desk application, which includes Connect, OneView, Monitors and Workflows, Scripting, and Data Catalog
  • New colors, icons, and fonts are applied to in all pages in ION Desk