Enable Federated Search for a tenant

Federated Search is now available for a tenant if these feature flags are set:
  • PortalV2Mode=1 or 2
  • InforSearchGeneration = 3

Porting the Search database

You can now move the data layer of Search from InforCeTEnantConfig to a new postgresql RDS database by completing these steps:
  1. Create a new database with the search tables.
  2. Test the Search Services CRUD APIs with the new Postgres database.
  3. Add support for Flyway to automtically update the schema and other seed data changes.
  4. Move the Quartz tables to the new postgres database and test the quartz implementation.
  5. Migrate data from the current database to the new postgresql database.

MES language support

You should now only see data from searches in your selected language.