Data Fabric

QueryAllOld function deprecated in Data Lake Input step

The QueryAllOld function in the Data Lake Input step is deprecated. The function uses the Data Lake Payloads Stream By ID API, which is not optimized for extractions with the ETL Tool.

If your solutions use the QueryAllOld function, rework your transformations to use the QueryAll function. If you need help, please reach out to Infor Services.

QueryAll function changed in Data Lake Input transformation step

The QueryAll function is changed in the Data Lake Input transformation step so that it uses the data object’s Indexed Date (dl_document_indexed_date) timestamp property. The Indexed Date property and value are used in the Data Lake API filter query and in the dlDocumentDate field values. When you upgrade, you are not required to change the existing transformations that use QueryAll. The existing transformations automatically use the Indexed Date timestamp.

In the previous version, the QueryAll function was using the Stored Date (dl_document_date) property. In specific scenarios, when indexing delays occurred in Data Lake, the incremental load mechanism could miss data objects, so clients were required to reload data from the past.

See the Infor ION ETL Client for Data Lake Administration Guide for more information on upgrading.

Metagraphs relationship and publish wizards

These workflow enhancements have been made to the relationship and publish wizards:

  • The data type for each property is displayed in the Property Mapping dropdown menus.
  • The wizard navigation buttons have been moved to the bottom of the side panel.

For details on how to use each wizard, see the Data Fabric User Guide.

ETL Tool: retry on errors and timeouts

Enhancements were made to the ETL Tool robustness by including retries on error responses when calling the Data Lake API, Data Catalog API and the API Gateway. Retries are performed when these errors occur:

  • A 5xx error
  • A ZLIB error
  • A generic connection time-out error

ETL Tool: increased connection time-out

The connection time-out limit for the ETL Tool has been increased to 1 minute to avoid frequent timeout errors.