Service user

A new Service User menu option has been added. With the service user permissions, a machine user can be assigned to a service account so that rotating is not required when an existing user leaves.

A service user cannot log on, through Cloud Identities or Federated Identities, but has most of the existing properties that a traditional user has.

If attempting to log on with service user credentials, the traditional user will receive an logon error message.

Audit events for SCIM group

In Audit & Monitoring, audit events are displayed for user roles assigned through SCIM group security role mappings when these changes occur:

  • When a user is added to the SCIM group that has roles assigned to it.
  • When a user is deleted from the SCIM group that has roles assigned to it.
  • To users when new roles are added to the SCIM group.
  • To users when new roles are deleted from the SCIM group.

Custom registration link

Administrators can now add a new registration link that displays on the Cloud Identities log-on page in General Settings.

Monitoring - sign-in results

More information is returned from monitoring. These columns have been added:

  • Sign In Source
  • Sign In Source ID
  • MFA
  • MFA Type
  • MFA Device


A PingFederateIDP featureset flag has been added to enable the identity provider connection creation in PingFederate if the identity provider cannot be created in InforSTS.

Providing this feature at the tenant level from the Infor CloudSuite Portal enables users to clear Authenticate with InforSTS.

Service provider certificates

These enhancements have been made to service provider certificates:

  • The Signing Certificate field label is now Primary Signing Certificate.
  • A Secondary Signing Certificate field has been added.
  • Primary Encryption Certificate and Secondary Encryption Certificate fields have been added.

Service provider

When a service provider is created and saved, the Service Provider field becomes read-only.


The CAPTCHA for Forgot Password and Contact Us now requires the correct capitalization of letters.

Process.SUM BOD tags

These tags have been added to the Process.SUM BOD and are sent as part of Sync.SUM:

  • Federated ID
  • Person ID