Specific instructions

Application name change

The application name of ION Desk is renamed to ION, and the Infor API Gateway is renamed to API Gateway with 2022.12 release.

Changes are also planned for the dataflow modeler, workflow modeler, and API flow modeler, as the activity icon of ION API is renamed to API. The IMS via ION API is renamed to IMS via API Gateway, and ION API is renamed to API.

Application behavior during upgrade

Users who have the application open in their browser before the upgrade must refresh the related pages after the upgrade. In the various user interfaces, users are notified with a banner with this text: A newer version of this application is available. Please refresh the browser.

Data Lake

The Data Lake pages are planned to be removed from ION Desk with the 2023.04 release.

The Infor Data Lake API endpoint in the Infor ION suite is deprecated and will be removed in the 2023.10 release. The new endpoints to be adopted are available in the Infor Data Fabric API suite.

ION Enterprise Connector

The Enterprise Connector version included in this release is 2022.11.

We recommend that you update your Enterprise Connector regularly. Versions that are older than one year are not supported. With this release, the oldest version supported is 2021.11.

Note: As a minimum, Amazon Corretto JDK 8 (64 bits) update 272 is required (with 2022.08 and before, the minimum was update 212). Do not use Corretto JDK version 1.8.0_292. For more information see KB 2194743.