Infor Coleman Digital Assistant

Markdown Support for Additional Hyperlink Actions

With Markdown Support for hyperlinks, Coleman DA now uses these types of links:

  • Mail-to links, where links can include an e-mail address
  • Mobile-number links, where links can include a phone number

These links open their respective applications, where mail-to links open to Outlook and mobile links open in your mobile device.

Maintaining Search Filters

Coleman search filters are now maintained on the Coleman Skill List page. This enables you to return to the Skill List page with the existing search filters intact after you navigate to another view.

Clear Previous Cards on Microsoft Teams

As a Coleman user, when you select a dynamic/multiple-choice prompt in Microsoft Teams, the unselected options are cleared to eliminate confusion after the skill invocation is complete.

Dropdown List for Teams Help Command

In Microsoft Teams, Coleman DA previously displayed six utterances as options when you invoked the list-skills option. For this release, a dropdown list is implemented to enable you to select from more options.