Banner widget feature always enabled

The Banner Widget feature is now enabled by default. The Banner Widget feature switch is removed from Homepages Administration.

Unavailable standard pages automatically removed

Standard pages with application or CloudSuite dependencies that are no longer applicable to the user are now automatically removed from the user's default pages.

Previously, standard pages with dependencies to an application or a CloudSuite were retained even though the application or CloudSuite had been removed.

Telephone links in Menu widget

The Menu widget now supports telephone links. Specify tel: or callto: followed by a phone number to add a telephone link. When you click a telephone link, a browser prompt is opened where you can choose an application to use to call the number.

Removed CSS-class field from Notes widget

The CSS-class field has been removed from the Insert anchor dialog, used when you add hyperlinks.

New and updated identifiers

Title independent automation attributes are added to the primary actions in the widget and to the Configure button in the Announcements widget.

The name attribute for the "Empty Config" component is updated to "lm-emptyconfig" and "lm-emptyconfig-btn".

A name attribute is added to the "Empty State" component.