Connect AnySQL Modeler

The AnySQL Modeler was extended with a Time Offset option for incremental load processing. Time Offset enables you to define the delay in which the latest data from the source database is loaded.

Active Connection Point screen

Messages from the application connection point that do not have any road defined in ION have the No route status. Messages from the last 45 days can be resubmitted on the Active Connection Point page.

OneView resubmitted no route messages

Resubmitted No Route messages can be found in OneView based on these conditions:

  • The No Route exception message can be searched through the Processing Exception filter.
  • Resubmitted messages can be searched through the Message Resubmitted (Date and Time) filter.
  • Messages that were resubmitted and still have the No route status can be searched with a combination of the Processing Exception filter and the Message Resubmitted (Date and Time) filter.
  • Messages that were resent and successfully consumed or delivered can be searched by using the filter date, document name, or message ID (the same process to follow as for any document or message).
  • The timeline displays an icon with no route.

OneView labels in document details

Labels in document details of the timeline are dynamic, based on values of the content and header. Also the position of labels in document details window is fixed..

Data Catalog

In the ION Desk navigation menu, the Views menu item is changed to Data Lake Views to be more descriptive of the content the page contains.

Process - purge archived activities

A feature is added to the MT Cloud that enables you to purge ION Process archived activities. The feature enables you to delete archived activities that were not created from Workflows or Monitors (from BOD or API).

Process - purge completed workflow

A feature is added to the MT Cloud that enables you to purge completed workflow instances and their related tasks and notifications.

Process - Inbox and ION widget messages

The ability to expand or collapse long messages is added to the Inbox and ION widgets.

Process - notification widget

In the notification widget, the Remove icon and the tool tip are changed to be more consistent with the action.