New expressions for parameter assignment

Expressions for the Set parameter step of a workflow for the Date and Date and time parameter types are added:

  • You can add and subtract seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, or years from the Date and Date and Time parameter types.
  • You can calculate the start and end of the month and the start and end of the year.
  • For the Date parameter type, the Today() expression has been added.
  • For the Date and Time parameter type, the Now() expression has been added.
  • You can now extract the Date and Time part from a parameter with Date and Date and Time types respectively.

Data Catalog additional metadata support

For JSON and DSV object schemas, a new ArchinveIndicator metadata property is available to define an archive indicator. You use the archive indicator to indicate that a record in the Data Lake has been archived in the source application.

For details on defining an archive indicator for your data objects, see the Infor ION Development Guide and ION Desk User Guide.