Splitter is enhanced with more splitting options. It can split DSV, JSON newline-delimited, and ANY document types using a compressed or uncompressed size limit and using the line count limit. It can also let the selected document go through the splitter without any change. If there are at least two output messages, each of them contains batch message headers for easier handling in the next steps.

ION Process/ Inbox

Users can configure the Out of Office status and delegation rules for alerts and tasks in Inbox, in a similar way as in the User Profile from the Infor Ming.le portal. To enable the Out of Office configuration screen in Inbox, you must clear the Restrict Out of Office Feature in Inbox check box from ION Desk > Configuration > ION Service > Properties > Activities Engine.

When using the Out of Office user interface in Inbox, we recommend that you disable the Out of Office configuration user interface from Infor Ming.le. To disable in the Infor Ming.le portal user profile, go to Admin Settings > General Settings and select the Restrict Out of Office Feature check box.

Note that users who have the Mingle-OOOEnabled security role can access the Out of Office configuration user interface in Inbox and in Infor Ming.le even when the restriction options are selected.

You can use the two configuration user interfaces at the same time. The out-of-office status and the delegation rule configuration between the two user interfaces are synchronized.