Security access profiles

A new read-only field on the User Details drilldown for Security Access Profiles is available. It is available only when the Security Access Profile feature flags are turned on.

Password expiry email

Translations are available for Password Expiry Email.

Administrator long running actions

A new IFS Admin Long Running Actions page is available. Only the administrators who are logged in to Infor Ming.le see their tasks. The page is available only to a user who has one of these roles:

  • IFS-Admin, UserAdmin
  • Infor-SystemAdmin

These tasks are available in this user interface:

  • Import Users
  • Export All Users
  • Import Groups
  • Export All Groups
  • Import Security Roles
  • Export All Security Roles
  • Assign role to all existing users
  • Import Accounting Entities

A message is displayed when a job has been submitted:

To check the status please navigate to: Manage > Admin Long > Running Actions.