Specific Instructions

Data Lake

As communicated since 2021.10, the Data Lake pages will be removed from ION Desk in the 2022.04 release. Please adopt the new Data Fabric application. However, if you require a granular permission setup for the Data Lake pages, then it is advised to adopt the new application later, because this is not yet available in the Data Fabric application for 13 languages.

The Infor Data Lake API endpoint in the Infor ION suite will be removed in the 2023.10 release. The new endpoints to be adopted are available in the Infor Data Fabric API suite.

ION Enterprise Connector

The Enterprise Connector version included in this release is 2022.03.

We recommend you to update your Enterprise Connector regularly. Versions that are older than one year are not supported. With this release, the oldest version supported is 2021-02.