Maximum Message Size

ION is optimized to process messages up to a specific size for each service level. A default buffer of 1 MB is included for all levels to allow for those situations where a message is just a small amount over your limit. There are also features available in ION like batching, which allows you to send multiple smaller messages in a single batch or chunking that pulls datasets that fit your limits. These help you design flow that can fit within your usage limits. If you exceed your usage limit plus the buffer, then the ION Deck administrators are notified so that they can take appropriate action. In extreme cases, the message is blocked from entering ION.

The maximum message size denotes the maximum payload size that can be transported directly through ION between two applications. In this case, the source and the destination applications are connected via ION in a point-to-point manner. It is also expected that the source and the destination applications can handle the payload of that size. The maximum message size limit does not apply when there are additional intermediate steps in your data flow. For all scenarios requiring other intermediate steps, the recommended maximum limit is still 5 MB regardless of the licensing tiers. Please refer to the Infor ION Desk User Guide (Cloud) for more details on specific limits that a given intermediate step may have.