BPMS - ION Process

Within ION Process you can define three main types of events: monitors, alarms, and workflows.
  • Monitors allow you to proactively monitor your key business rules for exceptions, for example, "Tell me if any customer order is suspended."
  • Alarms allow you to define templates that your users can use to define their own alerts over specific business objects, for example, "Let me know if opportunity OP1234 is canceled."
  • Workflows allow you to model different business processes within your organization, involving multiple users and systems.
Each of these can be active, ready to run for a specific instance based on the incoming data, or inactive where they cannot be started. The existence of any active monitors, alarm templates or workflow definitions count as an active BPMS model. Note that each active model can start any number of running unique instances, for example there may be 20 instances of the suspended sales order Monitor running. This counts as only 1 active model. Only the model is counted, not the number of running instances.