Infor OS Enterprise

The Infor OS Enterprise tier is the largest tier, providing increased usage limits over the Professional tier, for Customers fully embracing digital transformation with Infor OS. The Infor OS Enterprise tier provides access to enhanced features, functions, and products in addition to all the functionality of the Infor OS Professional tier.

SKU: The SKU that you will see on your Order Form is ION-S-ENTERPRS-CEG Infor OS Enterprise - SaaS MT - Regulated Industries.

Service Resource Tenant/ Customer Unit Usage Entitlement per Day Max Peak Utilization Rate per Minute
Users User Tenant Users Unlimited
User Management SCIM Processing Tenant Calls 27,780 27
User Management SCIM Bulk Tenant Calls 2,500 10
User Management SCIM Configuration Tenant Calls 2
Security SSO Tenant Logins 500,000 500
Integration Processing Capacity Customer MB 35,000
Integration Data Lake Ingestion Customer MB 4,500
Integration Maximum Message Size Tenant MB 50
Integration OneView history retention – Complete Tenant Days 180
Integration OneView history retention – In Flight Tenant Days 360
API Gateway API Executions Tenant Calls 6,250,000 15,000
API Gateway Service Account Authentication Tenant Calls 5,000 100
API Gateway Access Tokens (per client) Tenant Calls 100
Scripting Platform Scripting Time Tenant Scripting Minutes 3,000
Document Management Document Retrievals Tenant Documents 1,500,000 2,500
Document Management Document Processing Tenant Documents 1,400,000 2,000
Document Management IDM Searches Tenant Searches 1,500,000 2,500
Document Management Document Output Tenant Documents 300,000 1,500

Service Resource Tenant/ Customer Unit Usage Entitlement
Data Fabric Data Lake Storage* Customer TB/Contract 8
Data Egress Transferred out of CloudSuite* Customer TB/Year 12

* Marked limits may be increased by purchasing additional quantities.