The Integration service (ION) is an enterprise grade integration platform as a service (iPaaS) and business process management software (BPMS). The iPaaS, which is referred to as ION Connect, is the core of all integrations between Infor applications within a CloudSuite or between the CloudSuite and the rest of your enterprise, regardless whether it is on-premises or in another cloud. The BPMS, which is called ION Process, allows you to model and manage your business flows, monitor your Infor and non-Infor systems, and connect your systems and users to be more productive.

How to increase your service limits

Additional subscription quantities can be obtained using add-on SKU: ION-S-INTEG
Add-on SKU sold with license method (LM) of: TECH
Add-on quantities available in multiples of: 350
Add-on increments service resource: Processing Capacity
Included quantity per tier: Foundation: 350 Essentials: 350 Professional: 3,500 Enterprise: 35,000

Subscription Quantity Range & Usage Limits Information

Resource Type 1 to 3,499 3,500 to 34,999* 35,000 and above* TECH LM Resource Unit Measured @ Tenant/ Customer
Usage Entitlement Usage Entitlement Usage Entitlement
Processing Capacity Add-on Subscription quantity Subscription quantity Subscription quantity MB per day Customer
Data Lake Ingestion Linked 600 per 1 TB of Storage Capacity 600 per 1 TB of Storage Capacity 600 per 1 TB of Storage Capacity MB per day Customer
Maximum Message Size Linked 5 20 50 MB per message Tenant
OneView history retention – Complete Linked 45 90 180 Days Tenant
OneView history retention – In Flight Linked 180 270 360 Days Tenant
*Volume-based discount available for these subscription quantity ranges.