Data Fabric

The Infor Data Fabric is Infor’s big data platform that can be thought of as two independent layers: storage and compute. Applications, APIs, and services are able to push and pull data into the Data Fabric’s storage layer for object persistence.

The Data Fabric comes equipped with a suite of APIs that allow data consumers to pull data in their raw, original format with single and multi-object retrieval APIs. The Data Fabric further provides data interrogation tools to process and compute ANSI SQL queries against the Data Fabric for relational data processing.

Data Fabric provides a suite of APIs for data and policy management as well as file retrieval interfaces that allow data consumers to consume files stored within the Data Fabric. Data consumers are afforded capabilities to stream single and multi-object payloads out of the Data Fabric.

Usage of Data Fabric APIs is subject to service-level limits described within the Infor ION API service levels. Additionally, movement of files outside of the Infor cloud is subject to egress metering according to the Cloud Egress service levels. Consumers making use of file retrieval APIs are encouraged to stream content as a compressed (read: deflated) payload to reduce metered egress activity during content delivery.