Infor provides a robust, cloud-architected scripting platform that allows you to code advanced data transformations, format conversions, and data cleansing operations using Python and its expansive community of open source packages.

The Scripting Platform provides the technology tooling and runtime upon which other services, tools, and applications such as Infor ION Scripting are able to deliver script-based solutions to satisfy a given business context or requirement.

How to increase your service limits

Additional subscription quantities can be obtained using add-on SKU: ION-S-SCRIPT
Add-on SKU sold with license method (LM) of: TECH
Add-on quantities available in multiples of: 50
Add-on increments service resource: Scripting Time

Subscription Quantity Range & Usage Limits Information

Resource Type 1 to 499 500 to 2,999* 3,000 and above* TECH LM Resource Unit Measured @ Tenant/ Customer
Usage Entitlement Usage Entitlement Usage Entitlement
Scripting Time Add-on Subscription quantity Subscription quantity Subscription quantity Minutes per day Tenant
*Volume-based discount available for these subscription quantity ranges.