Scripting Time

Scripting time represents the base unit of measure for time spent executing a distinct script processed by the Infor Scripting Platform. Infor customers are provided entitlements in units of scripting minutes per day with individual script execution time being metered to the nearest tenth of a second (1/10th) for purposes of metering and licensing aggregation.

While metering and diagnostic capabilities may be provided to integration administrators that provide telemetry data in milliseconds (ms), individual script execution is rounded up to the nearest tenth of a second (1/10th) with scripting time representing a cumulative minutes of execution time per day within the Infor Scripting Platform.

Usage of applications, software features, services, and tools that use the Infor Scripting Platform to process data is subject to metered consumption of scripting entitlements as defined within the Infor ION Scripting Service Limits.

Execution time is calculated at the point of successful instantiation of the script within the Infor Scripting Platform’s processing engine, and time is accrued and calculated against scripting time entitlements until such time as the script has successfully completed, successfully failed, or is otherwise terminated in accordance with Infor’s Acceptable Use policies.

Scripts may be considered as having successfully failed if the requested script was processed but resulted in an error or unfavorable result due to incomplete or erroneous business logic employed within a script or if processing of the script exceeds defined timeout limits*.

Time elapsed in the following scenarios is not subject to metered consumption or reporting towards a scripting hour:

  • Queued states: Scripts scheduled for process execution may be queued in accordance with Acceptable Use policies and service availability within a given region. Time spent in a queue prior to successful instantiation of a script is not calculated or otherwise aggregated towards consumption of scripting hour(s).
  • Data preparation: Infor may prepare or otherwise optimize payload packaging and deployment prior to successfully instantiating a script. Time elapsed during data preparation stages is not calculated or otherwise aggregated towards consumption of scripting hour(s).

In the event a script or scheduled use of scripting is found to be in violation of Infor’s Acceptable Use policy, scripts may be terminated with any accrued execution time being calculated against the applicable scripting time entitlement.

* In the event that a script execution exceeds a defined timeout limit, the script is subject to metered consumption of scripting time despite non-delivery of a result. For more information and defined timeout limits, see the application guide for any application use the Infor Scripting Platform or the published Infor ION Service Levels.