How do we apply these limits?

Disclaimer: These service limits apply to the Infor OS technology services only and are not a reflection of the Infor ERP(s) or Edge Application(s) components. While all Infor solutions take advantage of the Infor OS capabilities, these service limits do not serve to inform or enforce, contractually or otherwise, the anticipated service expectations of any given connected application.

The use of Infor OS in excess of the Service Limits for the applicable Infor OS tier may affect the availability and/or performance of Infor OS and any associated Subscription Software applications for the Customer and other Infor customers in the multi-tenant environment. Accordingly, without limiting its rights under the Agreement, Infor reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify or suspend processing of Infor OS activity in the event of use in excess of contracted Service Limits.

Many cases of excess use can be addressed in the short term through “throttling” of Infor OS activity. Throttling is defined as the slowing down or queuing of work processed in a service without completely blocking further use. The effects of throttling on application activity may vary. In many cases, throttling will result in slower application response or transaction completion time, which may or may not be perceptible to the end user. However, throttling may result in some services rejecting a request, task or transaction, in which case the request, task or transaction will need to be retried.

In cases of excessive overuse, Infor may block Infor OS processing altogether in order to preserve platform stability and protect other Infor customers from degradations in service. Generally, excessive overuse is deemed to occur when (i) use of any Infor OS service exceeds the “Max peak utilization rate per Minute” for the applicable subscription tier; (ii) use of any Infor OS service exceeds 5 (five) times the “Usage Entitlement per Day” for the applicable subscription tier; (iii) five (5) or more incidents of use in excess of the applicable "Usage Entitlement Per Day” occur, in any day, across all of Customer’s Infor OS services; or (iv) in Infor’s discretion, Customer’s use of Infor OS Services in excess of applicable Service Limits is reasonably likely to have a detrimental effect on Infor’s normal operations or the delivery of Infor OS services to other customers. If Infor OS services are blocked for excessive overuse, once the Infor OS services are stabilized, processing for the Customer(s) responsible for the excessive use will be throttled until such time as the root cause of the excessive overuse is identified and addressed.

After an overuse event, you may also be contacted by Infor to review your subscription and determine if an upgrade is required to support your current and anticipated use of Infor OS. In all cases, the details of the over usage will be available for any follow-up audits or subscription reviews.

At any time Infor OS Services experts could be engaged to help you review your solutions and see if it is possible to redesign your use of the Infor OS Services in a more efficient way, potentially preventing you exceeding your Service Limits.