Infor OS Service Limits for EAM

Infor OS (Operating Services) is your cloud innovation platform to achieve real, lasting value from digital transformation.

It is the unification of industry leading cloud technologies to create a complete suite built for agility, stability and a solid foundation for rapid innovation and growth in true multi-tenant cloud. Infor OS challenges the need for point-to-point technologies to provide a scalable way of managing your business and challenging your industry. Infor OS delivers everything you need to tackle any innovation use case, from integration to automation, extensibility to data and insights, and is the fabric that connects your entire enterprise ecosystem. It is the backbone of every one of Infor’s industry specific CloudSuite solutions and extends to third-party solutions as well.

The service level subscription quantities are detailed in the table below.

Please review the detail page of each service, for more details.

Each Service can have additional resource capacity added as outlined on the service detail tables. Review your contract, using Concierge for the current license agreement and utilization for your environment.

Service Add-on Resource Infor OS Essentials TECH LM Resource Unit
User Management SSO 15,000 Logins per day
Integration Processing Capacity 350 MB per day
API Gateway API Executions 250,000 Executions per day
Document Management Document Output 15,000 Documents per day
Scripting Scripting Time 50 Minutes per day
Data Fabric Compass Compute Time 5 Minutes per day
Storage Capacity Non DB Storage 2 TB per contract
Cloud Egress Transferred out of CloudSuite 3 TB per year