Solution enhancements

Infor Global Financial Controller 2022.11.00 contains this enhancement:

Application enhancements

Versioning and scheduling of rules
You can now create multiple versions of a rule and schedule when a version of that rule takes effect.
User data masking for GDPR compliance
Personally identifiable information of users such as name, username, and email address are now hidden.
Email notifications for transactions
Selected users can now receive email notifications when there are errors or warnings during transaction processing.
Support for CSV document type with date values
Added support for processing CSV documents with date values.
New toast notification for processing status
A new, transient, notification, called a toast notification, now alerts you of the progress and result of an action.
Accordion controls in the Settings page
The headers in Settings page are now displayed as collapsible panels. When you click a header, the associated setting options are displayed.
$ character support in custom master data
You can now use the dollar sign ($) in names of custom master data.

Business starter packs

Purchase order acknowledgment
This feature automatically evaluates and approves a vendor's confirmation of a purchase order and updates the PO with the vendor cost, quantity, or delivery date, as appropriate, depending on whether the buyer approves the vendor cost, quantity, or delivery dates on the PO acknowledgment. A data-driven decision matrix is used to determine the approval status of the purchase order.
Multi-book accounting solutions update
The multi-book accounting solution setup is simplified by applying rule mapping to all rules.

Technology enhancements

Technology update
A technology patch update makes the system more secure and robust.