Manage users

Creating and deleting users are not allowed in IGFC CE, but the list of registered users can be viewed. Users are provisioned and managed by Ming.le Cloud Edition. Single Sign-On (SSO) and Single Logout (SLO) features are enabled to login to and logout of IGFC CE.

Optionally, the same features can be set up in an on-premise application deployed in Ming.le.

IGFC also includes an option to hide the name, username and email address of a user. When this option is enabled, the user name in the Audit log is also hidden.

Email notifications

You can notify users, via email, of input transactions that they must review and resolve. After receiving an email notification to review the input documents, including error or warning details, users must go to the View page and take the necessary steps to resolve it.

See View data, Error messaging in IGFC, and Content maintenance and troubleshooting.