IGFC architecture

This diagram shows the architecture of IGFC:

  • Business object documents (BODs) with verb of Sync or Show or delimiter-separated values (DSV) documents from source applications are received by IGFC. Standard Infor, custom, or DSV master data business documents are then shredded by the Document Poller component.
  • Using pre-defined document mappings, master data business document information is stored in the database.
  • A schema-specific database table is available for each master data business document and the attributes included in the mapping are used as the columns of the table.
  • The master data records that the Document Poller creates are used by the administrator to configure master data setups.
  • The administrator also configures the rules for generating journal entries or any business documents.
  • When the source application publishes a standard Infor, custom, or DSV master data or transactional business document, the Document Poller passes the business document to the Rules Engine. The Rules Engine runs the appropriate rules to generate an output business document with verb Sync or Process.