General ledger mapping

IGFC can transform an input transaction based on the rules defined in the General Ledger Mapping. You can add sender and receiver accounting books to enable multi-book processing. This multi-book solution involves these transformations:

  • ledger account
  • accounting dates
  • functional or base currency amount

Ledger account transformation requires a mapping of ledger accounts of the source entity and destination entity. This also includes allocating the amounts of the input transaction to several ledger accounts through the use of allocation rates. The mapping of ledger accounts is used in converting the ledger accounts of the input transaction to the ledger accounts used by the destination entity. Several source ledger accounts can be mapped to one destination ledger account. Conversely, one source ledger account can also be mapped to multiple ledger accounts.

The financial calendar of the destination entity is used in determining the accounting year and accounting period of the output SourceSystemJournalEntry.

The functional amounts in the lines of the input transaction are converted to the functional currency of the destination entity. The currency exchange rates are based on the currency rate type assigned per accounting journal type. The accounting journal type is determined during runtime depending on the accounting journal reference found in the input transaction business document.