Performing tenant data refresh

Note: Request for backup of the current tenant database and ensure that all business documents in the IGFC inbox were processed and no enterprise application is currently sending a business document.
  1. Export content from a source integration that will be imported as the configurations upon data refresh.
  2. Deactivate the document poller to suspend processing of any business document.
  3. Create a new integration that will contain the exported content package.
  4. Import the content package obtained from step 1 into the newly created integration.
  5. To request for deletion of the old and unused integration, create a Support Portal ticket and specify the tenant id and the IGFC integration name.
    Note: This action will permanently delete the specified IGFC integration and all related setup.
  6. Activate the document poller to process the business documents to be published.
  7. Publish the AccountingEntity BODs to IGFC, if applicable.
  8. Deactivate the document poller.
  9. Perform tasks after import as provided in step 5 of the procedures for importing a content package.
  10. Publish other business documents to IGFC.
  11. Re-activate the document poller.
    Note: Upon completion of above procedure, perform some runtime tests using the rule simulation feature and check for updates needed in user administration.