Simulating output generation rules

Simulate a rule to test the behavior of processing a rule by manually uploading business documents in IGFC. Users can identify the results of running test documents against a specific rule by displaying a successfully generated XML.

Note: The rule for a DSV document cannot be simulated.
  1. Select BPA Designer > Rules.
  2. Select a rule record to simulate. Optionally, rule simulation can be accessed within the rule mapping/rule script page.
  3. Select Actions > Simulate.
  4. From File Location, select the upload file for simulation. It is recommended to use BODs with few number of lines to speed up the processing.
    An upload file must be in .zip format and contain these files:
    • An input master data or transaction business document
    • Reference documents, either master data or transaction business documents, if applicable
    For the execution of search template type expressions, IGFC will refer to the master data documents published and displayed in the View > BODs page.
  5. Click Simulate.
    The rule simulation result is displayed. For successful simulation, a single or multiple output XMLs are shown. Otherwise, the detail of the warning or error message is shown.