Journal entry template

A journal entry template is a listing of attributes of the SourceSystemJournalEntry business document with corresponding values. A journal entry template should be defined for each type of input transactional business document that is processed. For example, to generate a SourceSystemJournalEntry business document when IGFC receives an Invoice business document, you must define a journal entry template for the Invoice business document.

In creating a journal entry template, you must identify the header and line attributes of the SourceSystemJournalEntry business document which you can fill up with values. Header attributes refer to the elements of the JournalEntryHeader component of the SourceSystemJournalEntry business document, while line attributes refer to the JournalEntryLine component. You must also specify how a value is assigned to them.

These are the type of values that can be assigned to attributes:

  • Fixed Value - You can specify a number or a text value. For example, if the journal entry template is for the invoice business document, the source document reference type attribute in the journal header can have a fixed value of Invoice.
  • Expression - You can specify that the value is from a master data, a custom master data record, a split or concatenated text, or a date expression.

    See BPA designer and Search template.

  • Attribute - You can specify an attribute of the input transactional business document. The value of this attribute in the input business document is copied. For example, if the journal entry template is for the ReceiveDelivery business document, the journal line’s source document ID attribute (SourceDocumentReference/DocumentID/ID) can be assigned with the ReceiveDeliveryHeader’s receiver number attribute (DocumentID/ID).
  • Rule Setup - You can specify sender or receiver information from a rule setup.

During processing of an input transactional business document, the IGFC engine retrieves the relevant journal entry template and evaluates each attribute of the SourceSystemJournalEntry business document depending on the assigned type of value.

Several attributes of the SourceSystemJournalEntry business document have been pre-assigned with default system-generated values. They are based on this factor: the attribute’s values are derived the same way regardless of the type of transaction. For example, document date and time attribute of the journal header is always assigned with the current date and time.