DSV (delimiter-separated values)

IGFC has the capability to support input master data or transactional documents and generate an XML output business document in these file types:

  • CSV (Comma-Separated Value) is a plaintext file that stores data in a tabular format which are separated or delimited by a comma.
  • EBCDIC (Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code) is a file that contains data that is being represented by an 8-bit character encoding used on IBM mainframes.

Unlike BODs, DSV documents cannot have a parent document.

CSV and EBCDIC files can be sent to IGFC through IMS or through the REST service. The files cannot be sent through IOBOX. For the IMS sending, FTP is utilized. When sending through REST, asynchronous REST API is used to send the DSV files to IGFC.

Like BODs, DSV documents need to be registered before they can be utilized. Registering a DSV document involves defining its attributes, and optionally, creating one or more search templates for master data type.

After DSV documents are registered, the attributes and search templates can be used on these modules: Dimension Code Assignment, General Ledger Mapping, Expressions, Journal Entry Templates, Journal User Fields, and Rules.

Master data documents sent as DSV cannot be used in the Dimension Code Assignment and General Ledger Mapping module dropdowns.

See DSV file format specifications.