Transaction reprocess

Input business documents that were previously processed can be reused through the reprocess option in IGFC. The applicable rules are then run to generate an output business document.

Manual reprocessing is generally performed when there are errors encountered during processing of input business document in IGFC or when the output business document has been rejected by the receiver application.

For example, a transaction may fail to generate a journal document because the input ledger account does not have a corresponding account mapping in IGFC. On the other hand, an output journal may have been successfully generated but the receiver application rejected the SourceSystemJournalEntry BOD because the transaction occurred in an accounting period that is not yet open.

You can select one or multiple input documents to be reprocessed. Manually reprocessing an input document in one integration will automatically initiate reprocessing of the same input document in all other integrations where the document is also available.

In manually reprocessing business documents, the reason for the output not being generated or being rejected must first be determined and the necessary changes in setups applied.

Automatic reprocessing applies to input business document with references and source master data that are not yet received in IGFC. For input transactional business documents that are processed to generate an output SourceSystemJournalEntry, automatic reprocessing also applies to updated transactions requiring reversals of the journal, where, the Acknowledge BOD is not yet received for the original transaction.

In both cases, the input business document is pending processing with a Warning message until the pre-requisite documents are received.

See Warning messages.