DSV file format specifications

CSV file format


The first row of the CSV file contains the pre-defined attribute names of these required attributes:

Attribute name Description Notes
docId Document ID
docType Document Type
actionCode Action Code If the Action Code is not present in the DSV file, GFC assigns a default value of Add.
accEnt AccountingEntity
varID Variation ID If the Variation ID is not present in the DSV file, GFC assigns a default value of 1.

The second row of the CSV file contains the respective values for the pre-defined required fields.

Content Area
  • The third row of the CSV contains all registered attributes.
  • All records starting from the fourth row are the contents of the CSV file. A CSV row represents one line.

Sample SSJE CSV file


EBCDIC file format

Data will be retrieved based on the index and number of characters specified in the DSV document attribute page in this order:

Attribute name Description Starting index No. of characters
docType Document Type 0 15
docId Document ID 15 15
accEnt Accounting Entity 30 15
actionCode Action Code 45 7
varId Variation ID 52 17
lnAmt ** Journal Line Amount 67 15
lnFuncAmt ** Journal Line Functional Amount 82 15
lnSrcAmt ** Journal Line

Source Amount

97 15
reportAmt ** Reporting Currency Amount 112 15
altAmt ** Alternate Currency Amount 127 15
drCr ** Debit Credit Flag 142 2
Note: **For JournalEntry transaction documents only.

EBCDIC files will be transformed into CSV format after GFC processing.

EBCDIC files can be processed whether the values are in ASCII or hexadecimal.

Sample EBCDIC file