Restoring imported customized records

  1. Select Content Management > Import/Export Data.
  2. On the Customized Data tab, select a record to restore.
  3. Click Restore.
  4. Select Yes to confirm.
    A message confirming that the record has been restored is displayed.
    Note: The customized record is replaced by the latest version of the imported record. The details form is disabled for modification.
  5. For batch restoration, on the Customized Data tab, select multiple customized records.
  6. Click Restore.
  7. Select Yes to confirm.
    A message confirming the restoration of customized records shows. Included in the message are notes on the updates required for the restored record:
    • Search Template - A Master Data document with restored search template must be regenerated. Related expressions and rules may need to be updated and re-activated, respectively.
    • Expression - Rules with restored expression must be re-activated.
    • Rule - Specific rule restored must be re-activated.

    The restored records are removed from the list in the Customized Data tab.