Custom master data

A custom master data is a set of reference data that can be used in generating output documents when there is no Infor, custom, or DSV business document available for it. You define the structure of the custom master data and populate the data.

Defining a custom master data structure is similar to registering a business document. The attributes have to be identified first. If the reference data contains repeating data such as details of common header information, repeating attributes must also be separated in a different custom master data definition. To maintain data normalization, the header information and repeating attributes of the line must be mapped in a different custom master data definition and must be associated with the parent information.

Data can be populated manually to the custom master data table or uploaded by batch through a csv file. The uploaded data can replace the records in the table or append to the existing records. Designating an attribute as a primary key is required before importing data entry. The primary key should be a manually created attribute. An imported attribute cannot be designated as a primary key.