Registering entities by integration

Before entities are mapped as sender or receiver, entities must be registered first at the Integration level. Ensure that you are logged in to the correct integration.

  1. Select Master Data Setup > Entity.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Specify this information:
    Select the Entity. The list contains the previously registered entities.
    Balancing Entry
    Optionally, for accounting framework integration, select this check box if the receiver entity requires IGFC to generate a balancing entry for out-of-balanced journal transactions. For flexible output integration, leave this field blank.
    Suspense Account
    Available only when Balancing Entry is selected. For accounting framework integration, specify the ledger account number where IGFC would post the entry to balance journals. This list is dynamic; if there are chart of accounts associated to the accounting entity of the selected entity, the chart of accounts are displayed in the list. Also, if there are chart of accounts with the same logical ID as that of the selected entity, the chart of accounts are shown with an asterisk (*) prefix.

    For IGFC CE, the tenant value is also used to associate chart of accounts to the selected entity. You must first register the entity and publish the associated ChartofAccounts BOD before ledger account numbers are displayed in this field. Return to this page to select the suspense account.

    Note: DSV COA documents option is not available in the Suspense Account selection.
  4. Click Save.