An integration refers to an IGFC solution that is identified in terms of enterprise applications that interact with each other. The solution holds all the master data business documents and setup data which are required to be placed in separate containers or databases. The setup process facilitates routing of business documents as well as prevent conflict of information by organizing data that are related to one integration.

There are two types of integration in IGFC: Accounting Framework and Flexible Output.

Accounting framework generates output SourceSystemJournalEntry BOD out of input transactional business documents. An integration framework, with a flexible output, can generate any business document from transforming input master data or transactional business documents.

Both integrations display these pages for each menu option:

Menu Menu options
  • Integration
  • Entity Registration
  • Users
  • Settings
  • Logs
  • Output Document Counter
Content Management Import/Export Data
  • BOD
  • Custom Master Data
  • Custom BOD
  • DSV
Master Data Setup Entity and Entity Mapping
  • BPA Designer
  • Operations
  • API Registration
  • Expressions
  • Scenarios
  • Rules
  • View
    • For accounting framework integration, separate view pages are available for Transactional and Master Data
    • For flexible output integration, processed master data and transactional business documents are combined in one page

For accounting framework integration, additional pages are available that are specific to journal entry configuration:

  • Master Data Setup - Dimension Code Assignment and General Ledger Mapping
  • BPA Designer - Journal Entry Templates and Journal User Fields