Customizing an imported record

  1. Open an imported record from these pages:
    • Search templates
    • Expressions
    • Rule setup and rule script
  2. Click Customize.
  3. Specify your changes.
    For imported journal entry templates, a field that is determined to be unnecessary for the solution is removed or set to have a blank value.
    Note: You cannot update the Name of an imported record.
    1. Specify this information:
      Select Empty.
      Select the action. Possible values are:
      • Remove Field

        This action removes the field from the output journal entry document.

      • Set To Null

        This action retains the field on the output journal entry document. The field is assigned with a blank value.

      Note: These actions work with the document formatter.
  4. Click Save.
    The details form is enabled for these customized records to allow subsequent changes to be made directly.

    You can compare versions of a customized record and you can revert the changes or customization made to a record.

    See Restoring imported customized records.