Custom BOD

IGFC comes with a set of definitions and properties of Infor BODs which enables BOD registration without preliminary configuration. For custom BODs, you need to upload the corresponding noun definition and metadata properties files in IGFC before the custom documents can be registered and processed.

The upload file contains these components:

  • Custom noun schema file (.xsd)

    This refers to the custom business document’s definition of elements, attributes of elements, and data types.

  • Custom noun metadata properties file(.xml)

    This refers to the custom business document’s list of XML Paths (XPaths), supported verbs, and noun relationships.

When uploaded, register custom BODs following the same process of registering Infor BODs.

See BOD registration and Registering business object documents (BODs).

For enterprise applications working with ION Process to send and receive business documents, the same custom BOD must also be defined in ION. See Infor ION Desk User Guide on uploading custom documents.