Customer admin

A customer admin user serves as the system administrator of a tenant and is tasked to manage the setup data of all the integrations of the tenant. A user with this role can perform these actions for both on-premise and IGFC Cloud Edition (IGFC CE):

  • Manage integrations
  • Manage entity registration and mapping
  • Activate and deactivate the document poller
  • Activate and deactivate the purging of documents
  • Download IGFC runtime logs
  • View output document counters
  • Export and import content package
  • Manage Infor and custom BOD registrations
  • Manage custom master data registration and data entry
  • Upload custom BOD definitions and properties
  • Manage DSV registrations and mappings
  • Manage dimension code assignments
  • Manage general ledger mappings
  • Manage search templates, API configurations, and expressions
  • Manage IGFC security and IMS security
  • Manage journal user fields
  • Manage journal entry templates
  • Manage scenarios and rules
  • View the status of BODs
  • View audit logs

For on-premise deployment, a customer admin can add, delete, or change user accounts.

For IGFC CE, a customer admin cannot add, delete, or change user accounts. A customer admin can perform only these tasks:

  • Masking
  • Enabling or disabling email notifications

A customer admin can also delegate an integration to users with the rule builder and system accountant roles.