Warning messages

A warning message indicates that input transactions did not generate a journal because it did not meet certain processing conditions. Warning messages in IGFC do not necessarily indicate an execution error and can be classified into two types:
  • Poller warning (POLLER_WARNING) – warning that originates from the document poller in the process of reading the business documents.

  • Rule execution warning (RULE_EXEC_WARNING) – warning that originates from the rule engine.

Similar to error messages, there are specific reason codes that further provide details on the warning. This table shows the reason codes behind poller and rule execution type of warnings.

Warning type Reason code
Variation ID outdated

Rule script condition did not create journal

Missing reference or Missing master data

Poller warning (POLLER_ WARNING)

An incoming BOD has an outdated variation ID when IGFC has processed an updated BOD for the same document ID.

These setup does not exist:
  • Tenant Registration
  • Valid License Key
  • BOD Mapping

Rule execution warning (RULE_ EXEC_WARNING)

No output was generated for some applicable rules because the condition in the rule script was not met.

The required document is not yet received in GFC:
  • A referenced document, or

  • An Acknowledge BOD required for reversal