API registration

REST API calls can be used to directly retrieve information from enterprise applications. This is an alternative source of data input for IGFC, instead of referencing business documents or custom master data. For this feature, IGFC only supports JSON return value from the API and utilizes ION API Gateway which centralizes the implementation of all inbound and outbound APIs for Infor applications. See the Infor ION API Administration Guide for more information.

Two components are required in IGFC for APIs to be configurable for output generation rule. These are security key and API registration, both are downloadable from ION API:

  • Security Keys – the IGFC application must be registered as an authorized client application in ION API to enable making calls into the gateway and access a chosen set of APIs. This registration includes generation of .ionapi file referred to as security keys.
    Note: When registering IGFC, ensure that the type of application specified is Backend Service.
  • API Definitions – available APIs include a documentation that contains the name, URL, result keys and parameters used to obtain a response from enterprise applications. The response received from these APIs must exactly match the actual format or model defined in the documentation. API definitions are downloaded as a swagger file.
    • It must be a valid swagger file (to verify, you can use an editor tool such as https://editor.swagger.io)
    • The swagger file of the API registered in ION API must also conform to a specific pattern for it to be supported in IGFC. It must contain the required fields host, basePath, schemes and paths.
      • host – refers to the base URL of the API. For example, http or https.
      • basePath – refers to the base path of the API where the paths are appended. For example, www.yourapi.com.
      • schemes – refers to the protocol used by the API. For example, /YourAPI.
      • paths – defines the individual end points in the API. For example, /user/{userId}.
      Here is a sample documentation with the usage of host, basePath and schemes fields:
      host: “www.yourapi.com”
      basePath: “/YourAPI”
      -  “https”

      Here is a sample basic paths template with parameter:


      For more information on paths, visit the swagger documentation site.

    For IGFC, proxy securities supported are OAuth2.0 and No OAuth. However, it is recommended to use OAuth2.0 as the proxy security when creating APIs.

REST APIs are used in conjunction with expressions to provide value during generation of output business document.