Document poller

The document poller is the component of IGFC that reads input business documents for processing.

Note: For new users logging in for the first time, ensure that an integration is selected before setting the document poller. See Switching between integrations.

If the document poller is active, received master data business documents are written into the IGFC database, and sent to the rules engine for generation of output business documents if applicable. Received transaction business documents are also sent to the rules engine for generation of output SourceSystemJournalEntry or any business documents. When deactivated, received business documents are not processed until you activate the document poller. You should only activate the document poller after completing the registration of relevant business documents and definition of business rules.

The document poller sends the business document to the proper database using the logical ID and the accounting entity specified in it. In the case of a master data business document, the document poller uses the logical ID instead when the business document does not have the accounting entity information. For IGFC CE, the tenant specified in the business document, in addition to logical ID and accounting entity, is also used to identify the proper database for the document. If a tenant is not published, then tenant of the IGFC application is used instead. The information from master data business document is stored in the database according to the pre-defined BOD mappings. The columns of the table refer to the attributes mapped for the document and records created from this processing are used by the administrator to configure master data setups.