BPA designer

This section describes the BPA Designer menu where you can access various rule configuration pages for business process automation. You can use these pages to define output generation rule, journal entry template, and journal user fields. You must perform the tasks on these pages before IGFC consumes input business documents for generating an output SourceSystemJournalEntry or any business documents.

A BPA designer is comprised of these major components:

  • API
  • Expressions
  • Scenarios
  • Rules

For accounting framework integration, BPA designer includes these additional components:

  • Journal entry templates
  • Journal user fields

IGFC first determines if there is a rule defined for the input document. When a rule is found, the rule engine runs the corresponding rule script to generate output values. You can configure multiple rules for a specific type of output business document. Multiple output business documents can be generated from a single input business document depending on the number of matching rules.

For accounting framework integration, the relevant journal entry template is also used after the execution of the rule script, to complete the output journal entry.