Rule builder

Rule builder sets up data that are used for creating rules for output generation, the export and import of the setup data, as well as viewing the status of BODs, except for Reprocess. These are the functions of the role:

  • Manage Infor and custom BOD registrations
  • Manage custom master data registration, excluding data entry
  • Upload custom BOD definitions and properties
  • Manage DSV registrations and mappings
  • Manage search templates, API configurations, and expressions
  • Manage IGFC security and IMS security
  • Manage journal entry templates
  • Manage journal user fields
  • Manage scenarios and rules
  • Export and import data
  • View audit logs

The rule builder is limited to viewing these:

  • Settings
    • Document Poller and Document Formatter in the General tab
    • Web Service Security
    • Purging
    • Email Notifications
  • Entity registration and mappings
  • Data Entry page in Custom Master Data
  • Dimension code assignments and general ledger mappings
  • Status of BODs in View page