Dashboard features

Infor Birst has fully responsive and integrated HTML5 dashboards and visual discovery interfaces. Users can explore data with features such as drag-and-drop and double-click, auto-complete Search, guided visualizations, and visual filtering.

Filters for specific attributes are built into the reports. Click the charts and lasso a set of data to focus on, or click the chart legend to remove values from the display. Results are cascaded across the dashboard.

To return to the previously accessed page, click the Back button. You can return to the module's home page when you click the Home button.

To view all legends, click the up or down button for a dashlet.


The toolbar buttons can vary by the report. These are the standard toolbar buttons:

Button Description
Copy Link


Copy the bookmark URL of Dashboard.


Select a dashboard from different collection folders.


Create and save email notifications in the Notification Center.


Export reports to PDF or PDF with details such as collection name, dashlet name, timestamp, and filters applied to dashlet.


Show Log History such as timestamp, source, runtime, cache hit, and details of queries or events


Save your selection so that you can use them next time you sign in.


Modify the value of the dimensions that are used to calculate the report values.


Refresh the reports and dashboard to its original state.

Changing filter elements

  1. Select Dashboard.
  2. Click the Filter button.
  3. Select an attribute.
  4. Enable filters by selecting the corresponding check boxes.

Performing dashlet or widget actions

  1. Select a dashlet or widget.
  2. Click the arrow down button of a dashlet or a widget.
  3. Click View Selector to change the view to another format such as pie, bar, or column chart.
  4. Click Export As to export charts as a PDF or Excel file.
  5. Click Create Notification to schedule and email the chart.

Report filters

You can effectively identify the information you can analyze since filters are available on the dashboards. These filters are applied based on the attributes of the reports and charts in each instance.

Ranking Filter is not applied to KPIs in Dashboards.

Drill down

Rest your pointer over a chart or right-click the chart to show the drill icon. If there is a drill path for the dashlet, you can use drill down. This shows a predefined hierarchy of information at a more detailed level.

You can use drill down to show data for weeks that transition from one month to another. You do this by disabling the Year/Month filter on the filter pane, for example.

As of date

The As of date on the navigation bar in the Infor Birst dashboards shows the last replication time of the replication set that is related to each dashboard.