Resetting MSCM data

Use these procedures to reset MSCM data sources or tables. These procedures resets and re-sends all data to the Data Lake. This is done when data lake cleanup is needed or if there are data issue or discrepancies found within MSCM.

  1. Navigate to Infor Mobile Supply Chain Management in Infor Ming.le.
  2. Click Administration drop-down menu and select System Management.
  3. Click Maintenance tab.
  4. Click the Reset Timestamp button in the ION Data Replication Scheduler.
  5. Select the Set to Null option and click OK.
    ION Data Replication Scheduler is now reset. Notice that history of last replication set run is indicated under Last Runtime column.
    Note: You can manually run the MSCM replication, delete Processed Data in Infor Birst, and run orchestration.