Infor Mobile Supply Chain Management (MSCM) Analytics is a module of Financials & Supply Management (FSM) Analytics. Data is produced by MSCM and sent to Infor Data Lake through Replication. Replication is the process of extracting, processing, and sending schema and data. Infor Data Lake is a component of Infor OS that provides a unified repository for capturing all of your enterprise data. All these data are consumed by Infor Birst, an Infor company that provides a self-service and easy-to-use interface reports and dashboards for users.

MSCM is composed of these applications:

  • Receiving and Delivery - help organizations receive, transport, deliver, and track goods across the organization.
  • Mobile Par and Cycle Counting - used to simplify and streamline the replenishment and control processes by reducing par and cycle counting time, eliminating paper-based processing, and increasing staff productivity and effectiveness
  • Point of Use for Nursing - streamlines the process of capturing patient charges while managing supply inventory. It records supply utilization at the “point of use” and automatically generates replenishment events and sends patient charges to the patient billing system.
  • Point of Use for Department Inventory - streamlines the process of capturing patient charges, sending them to the billing system and managing expensed inventories in specialty departments.

MSCM Analytics helps organization determine the productivity and efficiency of these operations. It answers to business questions such as the statistics of the packages delivered, receipts per specified period of time, and average man hours used to perform tasks. It analyzes your data for your business to better evaluate the performance.

These are applications included in the content:

  • Efficiency Tracking
  • Dock Logging
  • Purchase Order Receiving
  • Miscellaneous Receiving
  • Delivery and Tracking
  • Picking
  • Issues and Returns
  • Mobile Par and Cycle Counting
  • Point of Use for Nursing
  • Point of Use for Department Inventory